Blessing Sage for Cleansing a New Home or Place

Blessing Sage for Cleansing a New Home or Place

Sage for Blessing Home

There are various types of sage available in the market, and the most commercial or well-known one would be White Sage. We found a new one known as Blessing Sage, for a new home or place, which is equally great.

Over the years, the California White Sage has been getting a lot of attention from the new age world and practitioners. But there has also been negativity from the First Nations about overusing the white sage; hence other types of sage were introduced.

In 2020, a new type of sage was introduced to the market, and this was a combination of three types of other sages blended into one bundle called Blessing Sage.

Sage for Blessing Cleansing Smudging
The size of the Blessing Sage for comparison.

There is no actual herb called blessing sage; it is just a name coined up by the creators of the various sages that gave it the unique name.

The unique combination of Mountain Sagebrush, California White Sage, and Cedar has made this bundle a powerful cleanser, namely, for anyone moving into a new space or home.

Some people feel that three types of herbs are even stronger than just using one type and this Blessing Sage is the perfect combination.

Cleansing Room Home House Sage
Blessing Sage is made from three different types of sage.

Where Can I buy Blessing Sage?

At the moment, you can buy Blessing Sage from Green Daun new age shop in PJ, but with the movement control order (MCO), you can also buy it from our online shop on Shopee. This is also while stocks last.

If you are looking for other types of sage, feel free to check out our online shop, or when possible, please visit our new age shop in Petaling Jaya.

Blessing Space Room Home Sage
The width of the blessing sage.

If you are new to this and want to know more, you can read my other article about cleansing a home or office using sage or other types of herbs and resins.

I also wrote another article about how and when to smudge using the same items. The mentioned articles are great guides for beginners.


You now have an option to use this Blessing Sage for a new home or place, or even a new business, as you can bless and cleanse the space.

If you are reading this, you most likely have used white sage or palo santo to cleanse your space before and perhaps you may want to try something new or different.

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