Black Tourmaline Raw Crystal Stones in Malaysia

Malaysia Black Tourmaline Raw Crystals

Among one of the most popular stones for protection, the Black Tourmaline raw crystal stones in Malaysia are currently the number one crystal people are looking for.

But it would be best if you were careful with where you buy them from as there are many out there who are selling them cheap and not as advertised. Therefore, we always recommend you see the Black Tourmaline before buying them.

Please note that as of 2021, we no longer sell loose Black Tourmaline beads or anklets.

Black Tourmaline Raw Crystal Stones in Malaysia

In Malaysia, you can find raw Black Tourmaline crystals at the Green Daun new age shop, located in Damansara Perdana and Petaling Jaya. There are also a few types of Black Tourmaline available, and it depends on what kind you need.

Black Tourmaline Malaysia
Close up of the Black Tourmaline crystal.

I will share with you the types available at our new age shop, and from there, it is recommended you visit our shop to see and touch them to connect to the kind you want.

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Stone – These come from Brazil and are usually in large pieces ranging from 4cm to 20 cm. They are very rough and are also called Radiating Schorl or Black Tourmaline Logs. These are popular for placing around the house or room corners.

Polished Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones – Polished stones give it an excellent smooth finishing and are often used as palm stones. These are also much more expensive than common raw types.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Beads are polished round for making crystal bracelets and often come in various sizes. The Black Tourmaline crystal beads are also trendy for protection wear.

Black Tourmaline Pendant – Usually, teardrop style is standard, and at Green Daun, we also wire-wrap Black Tourmaline pieces for unique necklaces.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips – These are small crystal chips sold in packets and are very popular. Stock is not always available for this type.

Black Tourmaline Embedded in Quartz – These are usually sold in larger pieces, and you see streaks of Black Tourmaline embedded into the dark or milky quartz crystals.

Black Tourmaline Embedded in Other Types of Quartz or Albite – These are specimen pieces in larger forms for collector purposes and can cost a lot.

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Malaysia
One of the stubby Black Tourmaline crystals used to place in corners.

What is Black Tourmaline Good For?

The number one thing people look for Black Tourmaline is that this crystal is known to protect and create an energetic boundary between you and others to not pick up unwanted energies.

It is also known as an electrical stone, making it a strong grounding stone by connecting the Earth and the human spirit.

Some also use it as a dual purpose for both grounding and protection is also well known to be a good grounding crystal.

Black Tourmaline Properties

  • Protection from Curses, ill-wishes and psychic attacks
  • Protects from cellphone or smartphone emanations
  • Protects from electromagnetic disturbances and radiation
  • Removes blockages
  • Grounds energy
  • Clears negative thoughts
  • Dispersing tension and stress
  • Instils positive attitude
  • It helps those struggling with excessive anger, unwanted thoughts, and anxiety.

Many also use Black Tourmaline in their rooms of homes as when it is placed in the corners of a space, it seals in the room, home, office area or even shop lot with a protective shield.

Tourmaline is the name given to an entire family of individual closely related minerals. The correct name is Schorl, which is only found in black and also named after a village in Germany.

The element it represents is the Earth element and is known for the Root Chakra. The astrological signs are Capricon and Libra.

Black Tourmaline and Electromagnetic Fields

Some may even be pleased to know that Black Tourmaline helps protect you from electromagnetic fields like cell phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

It also gives good protection against noise and radiation coming from all kinds of electrical gadgets like microwaves, televisions, sound systems, etc.

Malaysia Black Tourmaline Raw Crystal
The flakes from the radiating Black Tourmaline crystal.

How to Tell the Difference for Black Tourmaline?

This is a black crystal stone, and there are many other black crystals out there like Black Obsidian, Jet, Black Onyx and Apache Tear and for someone new, this could be a little confusing.

Black Tourmaline has a rough finishing in the texture, and for the radiating type, it has long lines or terminations which are lustrous and a little flaky. Often you see Mica formations of white or brown on them.

The three-faced termination types are more solid and flake less and are often in stubby short forms with rough finishing.

The smooth tumbled, and polished ones are a little harder to identify as they can look like Black Onyx or Jet.

Where Does Black Tourmaline come From?

There are many countries where you can find Black Tourmaline, namely Brazil, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Namibia, Madagascar, Argentina, Italy, Canada and even in various states around America.

But most of the commercial Black Tourmaline comes from Brazil, and some say that the outstanding Schorl comes from Pakistan.

Pink Green Tourmaline Malaysia
A Pink and Green Tourmaline natural stone at our shop.

Are There Other Colours For Tourmaline?

Of course, there are, and some of them are considered rare or high in demand. Tourmaline comes in colourless to brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, or hues in between; it can be bi-coloured or even tri-coloured crystals.

Black is the most common type that is mined and used widely around the world comes from Brazil, which is the one widely available in Malaysia.

For the coloured tourmaline, you should know that they can be pretty expensive and that there are many fake coloured tourmalines in the market.

Do we Sell Black Tourmaline Online?

No, we do not sell raw Black Tourmaline crystals because we firmly believe that crystals are best bought in person as you need to feel the connection with the crystal and touch and see it.

However, by visiting our new age crystal shop, we can explain how to use the crystals. However, our online shop may sell ready-made Black Tourmaline crystal bead bracelets.

Malaysia Black Tourmaline Crystal Beads
Black Tourmaline crystal beads and stone.

Where is Our Crystal Shop?

We are located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya, and you can use the Waze App and key in “Green Daun”. It will bring you to our retail new age shop, and for those driving, we have reserved parking outside our shop.

If you are taking Grab, just put in “Green Daun” at the destination and it will bring you here. For public transport, please read this article on directions to our shop.


If you have been looking for Black Tourmaline raw crystal stones in Malaysia, visit us at the Green Daun new age shop in PJ and you can see our collection.

Please note that they are special orders, and if you require anything bigger than 15 cm in size, you can always drop by and let us know.

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