Beading Class and Workshop in Malaysia

Beading Workshop Class in Malaysia

Beading Workshop Class in Malaysia

We are happy to announce that we will start a beading class in Malaysia and here at the Green Daun New Age Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya and in the Klang Valley.

Update December 2019 – We have stopped our beading classes for good. This means we no longer conduct any beading classes at Green Daun.

This has been put off by us for many months as we originally wanted to conduct a beading class and workshop in early 2019.

However, all this while we have been sourcing for quality materials and the right time to conduct this workshop or class.

Beading Class and Workshop in Malaysia

Malaysia Beading Class
You will learn how to make beaded earrings at the workshop.

As there are many types of beading available, we are currently only focusing on the beginner beading class which is making a brick stitch earring.

The glass beads that we use for our classes are the Japanese Miyuki seed beads, which are known to be the best glass beads in the world.

The brick stitch earrings are one of the easiest to learn, and through our guidance, you will be able to create your own earrings by attending our beading class.

Miyuki Seed Beads Malaysia
Some of the Miyuki Seed Beads that we use for the beading workshop.

When and Where is the Beading Classes in Malaysia?

The beading class is conducted on weekend at the Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. For private beading classes, we can arrange for weekday classes with the times mentioned below.

All beading classes are scheduled from 10.00 AM till 1.00 PM on Saturday or Sunday. This is not an open walk-in class as you need to pre-register for the beading class.

What Languages are the Beading Classes conducted in? 

While the main language for the beading class is done in English, we are able to communicate in various other languages like Cantonese, Mandarin or Malay.

For non-Malaysians, please note that the class is conducted in simple English, and you should be able to understand basic English for this class.

What type of Beading Classes are available?

Currently, the beading workshop is open to brick stitch style. This is suitable for beginners who are interested to learn about beading in general.

Students will learn how to make a brick stitch earring with their choice of colors. The beading workshop is not about completing the pair of earrings, but about the technical aspects, theory and how to read a bead pattern.

Once you fully understand all of the above, you can take your assignment home to complete.

Malaysia Miyuki Glass Beads
Various Miyuki glass beads that is available at Green Daun.

How Much is the Beading Class?

Please contact us about the price for the beading workshop. The price is based on per person, which includes all the beading materials, beading handout and mineral water.

For individuals. groups or special private groups, please contact us about the price.

How do I sign up for the Beading Class?

You can contact us via Whatsapp message or call to make your booking, and the details are further down in this article.

After you contact us, we will let you know when the next available beading class is. Sign-up is available for both private one-to-one classes or small group class.

We will take a 50% deposit for the class via bank-in transfer, which is non-refundable. Please also note that you should be serious about class commitment.

Please take note that we do not do large classes, and each class is a maximum of four persons only. Once the class is full, we will open the next slot for another day.

What do I need to bring to the class? 

You just need to bring yourself to the class. And for those who have vision issues, please bring your reading glasses as it can be quite tedious in terms of beading with small glass beads.

We believe that most people who are interested in beading will already know that the glass seed beads are really small and require good eyesight.

Mineral water is provided, but if you have special dietary preferences, please do bring your own water. There is a 7-11 convenience store located about 50 meters away from our retail shop as well.

There is no food allowed during the beading class, so, do not bring snacks like chips, chocolates or biscuits and so on as this is our shop rule.

You should have your breakfast or meals before attending the beading class, and once the class is over, it should be just right for lunchtime.

Malaysia Beading Class in PJ
What the beding workshop looks like with all the materials.

Are there private Beading Classes available?

Yes, a private one-to-one beading class is available, and this will cost a little more than the group classes. You can always contact us for this as it can be done on weekdays.

For those who need perfect concentration and personal coaching, we strongly recommend you take the one-to-one beading class.

Do we Sell Miyuki Seed Beads and Beading Materials?

Yes we do, and as a matter of fact, we also sell MGB or Matsuno Glass Beads in our shop. For the Miyuki beads, we carry size 8 and size 11.

Unfortunately, we do not stock any Miyuki Delica beads due to the pricing, and most of you may know that they are not cheaps.

We also sell beading materials like;

  • Beading Needles
  • Beading Spacers
  • Nymo Beading String / Thread
  • Japanese Beading String / Thread

How to Contact us?

Contact the Green Daun Whatsapp: +6 018 2888 048 business hours only. Any messages or calls after business hours will only be replied to the following day.

We are also on Facebook as Green Daun Craft Shop for those who prefer to use social media or Facebook Messenger. However, the fastest way to contact us would be through Whatsapp.

If you are in the Damansara Perdana, Taman Tun, Kota Damansara, Sri Damansara, One Utama or Mutiara Damansara, you are always welcome to visit our shop to make your booking.

Manik Kelas Malaysia
Samples and materials used during the beading workshop at Green Daun.

We DO NOT do beading classes anymore.

This beading class and workshop in Malaysia is conducted at our retail shop in Petaling Jaya. Apart from teaching beading, we also sell most of the beading materials required.

Our new age craft shop is a very boutique concept where you can sit down and relax apart from browsing the many items that we sell.

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