Auralite 23 Raw Crystal in Malaysia

Malaysia Auralite 23 Raw Crystals

Among the highest vibration healing stones is the Auralite 23 raw crystal in Malaysia, which you can get from the Green Daun new age shop in PJ.

They are also considered one of the oldest natural crystals forming around 1.2 to 1.5 billion years ago near Lake Ontario in Canada.

While it is not well-known to many, it is gradually getting more attention due to the many healing properties that Auralite 23 offers.

Auralite 23 Raw Crystal in Malaysia

Green Daun started to explore these healing crystals in 2017, long before many others even knew what these crystals were. You can read an article done by us in November of 2017 about Auralite 23 bracelets in Malaysia.

Malaysia Raw Auralite 23 Crystal Stones
The beautiful raw Auralite 23 crystals stones are high-quality.

Due to various healers’ demand, Auralite 23 has increased its price a lot in the last few years. Simultaneously, those who purchased high-quality stones four or five years ago are now considered collector pieces.

Auralite 23 is also known as Red Cap Amethyst, but in this part of the world, the alternative name is unknown, and people refer to it as Auralite.

This beautiful crystal was only recently discovered and pushed onto the mineral market within the last 20 years, making it one of the newest and fastest selling crystals in the 21st century.

Where is Auralite 23 Crystal from?

These beautiful and high-vibration crystals come from only one place globally, from Thunder Bay at the Boreal Forests north of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada.

Canada’s boreal forest comprises about two-thirds of the circumpolar boreal forest that rings the Northern Hemisphere and covers almost 60% of its land area.

The Canadian boreal region spans the landscape from the most easterly part of Newfoundland and Labrador to the border between the far northern Yukon and Alaska.

There is no other place on earth where you can find Auralite 23, so if you heard or read that there is somewhere else that supplies it, that is untrue.

We know so far that China has mass-purchased tons of Auralite 23 and shapes them in China before re-exporting them for sale.

And you should also know that China purchases the much higher-quality Auralite from Canada due to the demand and also that after shaping it, they can re-sell it for a much higher price.

Auralite 23 low quality
An example of what people are not looking for. This is lower quality Auralite 23.

What are the Auralite 23 Minerals?

The 23 minerals within Auralite 23 are:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Nickel
  5. Copper
  6. Limonite
  7. Iron
  8. Covellite
  9. Sphalerite
  10. Chalcopyrite
  11. Epidote
  12. Gilalite
  13. Bornite
  14. Rutile
  15. Goethite
  16. Pyrolusite
  17. Pyrite
  18. Magnetite
  19. Lepidocrosite
  20. Ajoite
  21. Hematite
  22. Titanite
  23. Cacoxenite
Raw Auralite Crystals
Some of the natural and raw Auralite crystals sold at Green Daun.

Fake Auralite 23 Crystals

Because of the popularity and high-price for Auralite-23, there has been an enormous wave of dealers and retailers selling “fake” and altered varieties of poor-quality Amethyst as “Auralite-23”.

Not only that, there are sellers who do not even know how to differentiate the high-quality from the low-quality Auralite 23, claiming that the more lavender colours of the amethyst, the better the quality, which is, of course, wrong.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you touch and feel the crystal before buying it. Online sellers are probably the worst when buying crystals because many are new sellers who do not know much except how to sell online.

Because of this, we would like to remind you that we at Green Daun are not online sellers where we can sit and entertain you with photo after photo.

If you are serious about your crystals, you will touch and feel them connect with the crystals.

PJ KL Crystal Shop
Green Daun sells many different types of raw, tumbled and polished crystals.

Where to Buy Auralite 23 Raw Crystals in Malaysia?

You can buy them from our new age shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. We have many other types of crystals available and in various shapes and sizes.

We politely request that you do not Whatsapp us and ask us to send you photos and so on as we will not. Crystals are personal, and if you are serious, you will take the time to see and feel them before buying.


The Auralite 23 raw crystal in Malaysia are limited and comes in medium-sized stones that are perfect for meditation and other healing work.

If you have been looking for a high-vibration crystal, this is one of the recommended raw stones that may be perfect for you.

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