Crystals Shower Head 7 Chakra

Crystals Shower Head 7 Chakra

This is a unique 7 Chakra crystal shower head that we make at Green Daun and for anyone to use for their daily shower.

The best part about this product is that you can cleanse, purify and align your chakras while showering in your own space.

7 Chakra Crystal Shower Head

Cryatal Shower Head with  Seven Chakra Stones
The unique showerhead with seven chakra crystals.

The whole concept about this unique crystal shower head is that it was not made for the crystals, but due to creativity, the crystals can be placed inside the shaft of the showerhead.

This allows the water to run through the seven different crystals carefully placed inside while also running through some ionizer clay balls before exiting the showerhead.

So, you are getting the best of both worlds where you get to cleanse, purify and alight while also ionizing the water during your shower.

The original concept of this showerhead was made purely for ionizing the water only. Still, cleverly, we replaced the ionizing clay balls with the seven different crystals in the main shaft.

The balance at the top portion of the showerhead will still have the ionizing clay balls that also serve as a purifier for the shower water.


How Does the Crystal Shower Head Work?

It is a fairly simple system where water runs through the showerhead with crystals infused inside. Watch the video above to see how it is fixed and how the water flows through.

Basically, it is just another common shower head that everyone around the world uses. The only difference is that this one is clear, and we can include the crystals inside.

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The size of this shower head is also medium size which means it is not too heavy nor too big for Asian people. It is just perfect for all sizes, including kids.

You can use this to even shower your pets to cleanse and purify them. However, it is also important that you set your intentions when showering with this.

Malaysia 7 Chakra Crystal Showerhead
Using this showerhead will help to cleanse, align and purify your chakras while showering.

Where to buy the 7 Chakra Crystal Shower Head?

You can buy this unique crystal shower head from the Green Daun new age shop in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, or you can check our new age online store on Shopee.

Please note that we assemble and make these by ourselves and not factory-made. Therefore, they are manually created one by one, and we have limited stock available at any one time.

This means that we do not have 50 to 100 sets available, and at most, we will only have around 10 crystal showerheads available.

Ionizer Crystal Shower Head
The size of the chakra shower head is medium.
Malaysia Crystal Shower Head
The weight of this is fairly decent and easy to hold while showering.
7 Chakras Crystal Shower Malaysia
Overall, this is great for anyone who is into the 7 Chakras.


For anyone into the seven chakras, this will be the perfect item to have in your house where you can cleanse, purify, and align your chakras.

This 7 Chakra crystal shower head is assembled by us at Green Daun new age shop and is probably one of the must-have things since 2021. It is also great as a gift to someone who is into Chakra healing too.

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