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Where to Buy Peacock Feathers in Malaysia


Buy Peacock Feathers Malaysia

If you have been looking where to buy peacock feathers in Malaysia, you have landed on the right page. These beautiful peacock feathers serve many purposes which include decoration, craft, accessories and even prayers. However, they are not easily available at most places, but at Green Daun craft shop in Petaling Jaya, we carry hundreds of these feathers so you now know where to buy peacock feathers in Malaysia.

In most cases, peacock feathers are commonly used for house decoration where they are placed in vases for the living room, bedroom or even in offices. They are also used for decorating headgear, crafting, jewellery making and even for dream catcher making. Some religions in Malaysia also use peacock feathers for their prayers.

Where to buy Peacock Feathers in Malaysia

You can find peacock feathers in large quantities from our craft shop in Petaling Jaya and apart from these feathers, we also sell many other types of feathers. The standard sizes are about 1 meter long and if you require shorter ones, we can easily cut them to the desired size you want. There are also some peacock feathers that come in different colours too.

Various colours for peacock feathers

Types of Peacock Feathers

There are a few types of peacock feathers that we sell and they include;

Indian Peacock Feathers – These are the most common type of peacock feathers in Malaysia and they come in lengths of three feet long. They have the normal big eye and are suitable for all kinds of use.

Small Eye Peacock Feathers – These are commonly used as table decorations, jewellery making, dream catcher feathers or even cake decorations. They come in 12″ inch long pieces and is depending on availability.

Coloured Peacock Feathers – A more unique type where the peacock feathers are bleached and colored. Some are full coloured while others have coloured stems. These are great for art and craft, jewellery making or dream catcher feathers. These also come in 12″ inch long pieces and is also depending on availability.

Peacock Sword Feathers – This are the long sword looking part of the peacock which are great for decorations. Usually they are combined with the peacock feathers. The peacock sword comes in various lengths but we only carry the 12″ inch ones at our shop.

Peacock Sword Feathers with Eye – These are similar to the common peacock sword, but come with a small peacock eye at the top. Suitable for decorations and jewellery making.

Peacock Eye Feather – These are just the eye of the peacock feather, meaning the feather has been trimmed to only the eye. They are used mainly for various craft projects, jewellery making and also dream catcher making.

Selling Peacock Feathers in Malaysia
Beautiful peacock feathers at Green Daun craft shop
Peacock Feather Red
Special red coloured peacock feathers
Bulu Burung Merak Putih
Beautiful off white peacock feathers

Peacock feathers have been used for centuries and is still being used till this very day. The natural beauty of the feathers appeals to many people and when creatively used, they look really amazing. If you are a dream catcher maker, read this article on dream catcher feathers in Malaysia, as we carry over 20 different types of feathers in our shop.

Where to Buy Peacock Feathers in Malaysia

There are a few places that sell Peacock Feathers in Malaysia, but only the common type. At our shop, we carry many different types of peacock feathers suitable for crafting and decorations. From the photos above, you can roughly see the many different colours and types that we carry. If you need additional information, you can always contact us at our hotline: +6 018 2888 048 and we will be glad to assist you.

Some other craft shops may sell feathers, but in very small quantities. This means that if you are looking where to buy peacock feathers in Malaysia and randomly visit some craft shops, you may or may not find them there. At Green Daun craft shop, we sell peacock feathers individually and also in large quantities.

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