Where to Buy Dream Catcher Accessories in Malaysia


Dreamcatcher Materials MalaysiaIf you are planning to make a dream catcher, the first thing you need is the accessories and you may be asking Where to Buy Dream Catcher Accessories in Malaysia, and we at Green Daun Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya sells all the accessories and materials that you need to make a dream catcher.

Our concept craft shop and class is located in Damansara Perdana and we stock all kind of dream catcher accessories for your projects. The uniqueness about our craft shop is that apart from selling dream catcher accessories, we also teach dream catcher making classes here where you can make an appointment a day or two in advance and then attend the class at our shop.

When we say class, it does not mean you will join in other students as we do a personalized class concept where it is teacher-student focus. You can also attend as a couple, family or friends and maximum is four persons only.

Where to Buy Dream Catcher Accessories in Malaysia

The dream catcher accessories and materials we sell include a variety of rings in different materials, shapes and sizes, and also ring bindings like fabrics, faux suede leather, cords and beads, which come in all colors.

Prices are also very reasonable as we understand that making a dream catcher can be costly if you buy materials from the wrong place, therefore we have factored in the affordable cost for beginners or even for those who do business of selling dream catchers in Malaysia. Our prices are almost wholesale prices too.

Dream Catcher Feathers in Malaysia

Malaysia Dream Catcher Feathers
Many types of dream catcher feathers available at Green Daun Craft Shop in PJ.

If you are wondering where to buy dream catcher feathers in Malaysia, we also sell a very wide range of feathers for making dream catchers, which includes the common rooster feathers, duck feathers, turkey feathers, pheasant feathers, pastel feathers, exotic feathers and even printed feathers.

All of our feathers have been hand picked and packed for the consumer, this means when you buy a packet of 10 feathers, you will be able to use all 10 of the feathers.

Unlike what we have experienced before where buying a pack of 30 feathers and finding out you can only use half of them. We strive to provide quality products for our customers as we were once customers too, and know the feeling.

Dream Catcher Rings in Malaysia

Malaysia Dreamcatcher Rings
Some of the dream catcher rings available at Green Daun.

As for dream catcher rings, we carry many different sizes and types ranging from key chain sizes to really large sizes. Most makers would seek the common round metal rings for making dream catchers, but at Green Daun, we even offer cheaper alternatives and you can see the entire selection which is in various sizes and materials available at our dream catcher accessories shop in PJ.

We even have pre-rolled rings in selected sizes and in various colors for those who want ready rolled dream catcher rings, but these are priced slightly higher than the normal rings.

Dream Catcher Bindings in Malaysia

Dream Catcher Leather Cord Malaysia
Some of the dream catcher bindings at Green Daun.

As for the binding materials (used to wrap the ring), we sell the most common which is the faux suede leather cords (which is what most of you have learned from YouTube), but we have many other binding materials like yarn, wax cotton cords, Chinese cords, ribbons and jute rope which tend to make the dream catchers more interesting in terms of color combination and techniques.

A wide selection of colors is available at our shop for you to see, touch and feel the materials. Oh, we have ready rolled samples on rings for you to see. So if you have been asking where to buy dream catcher accessories in Malaysia, you have landed on the right website.

Custom Made Dream Catchers in Malaysia

For those who want something special as a gift or for your own use, we do custom made dream catchers where you can walk into our shop and place a custom order for the type, color and size of your dream catcher. We will sit down with you to design the custom order and you can pick it up in one to two weeks time, depending on the size and other custom orders that have been placed.

Our cheapest custom order is RM 10.00 for a key chain and varies for the material and design. For a car dream catcher, it can cost anywhere from RM 25.00 to RM 100.00, again it all depends on the materials you use.

For example, if you want a car dream catcher with gold and silver web and bindings with swarvoski gems, it can easily cost from RM 100.00 to RM 200.00, and if you want a simple design in your favourite color, it can only cost RM 25.00.  We can post the custom made dream catcher to you if you are unable to collect it.

Ready Made Dream Catchers For Sale

While we specialize in this, we have ready made dream catchers for sale in our shop. This means, you can walk in and buy one of our ready made dream catchers. We have over 50 ready made dream catchers for sale and ranging in many colors, shapes and sizes. If you cannot find something you want, you can easily custom make one and collect it later or we can even post it to you. Unfortunately, we do not sell online as we believe that customers should see and feel the dream catcher before the buy it.

Dream Catcher Making Class in PJ/KL

Dreamcatcher Making Workshop Malaysia
Some of the handmade dreamcatchers at Green Daun.

Yes, having sell all the dream catcher materials in our shop, of course we offer dream catcher making classes in Malaysia where we teach beginner and intermediate classes. The classes are also catered for personal hobby, or even for those who want to sell online or at bazaars.

Prices are very reasonable as we absolutely understand the consumer point of view, therefore we make our classes affordable and easy to learn for anyone. Do not worry as the price is not in the hundreds of Ringgit. Call us to find out more.

For those looking for dream catcher materials in PJ or KL area, you now know where to buy dream catcher accessories in Malaysia and where you can find everything in one shop, making it simple and easy for you to get all the needed materials to make a dream catcher or even take up a class to learn how to make one. Here is a guide on how to go to Green Daun Craft Shop and our address is;

Green Daun Craft Shop
C-G13A, Block C, Perdana Exclusive Condominium,
Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours:
Tues-Sat: 10.30 AM to 8.00 PM
Sun/Public Holidays: 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Closed: Monday

Contact us;
Email: thegreendaun@gmail.com
Phone/Whatsapp: 018 2888 048 / 03 77 3333 63

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you. Look forward to seeing you at our shop and after reading this, you now know where to buy dream catcher accessories in Malaysia, and in also in PJ.

  1. Anie says


    Do you sell online? I’m viewing from sarawak.
    Interested with the printed feathers.


    1. Green Daun says

      Hi there, we do not have an online shop, but you can contact me via Whatsapp and I will send you the photo/price of the Printed Feathers in Malaysia. Contact me, Janice 0 1 0 22 0 89 39

  2. Malarvili says

    Can I do online purchase and u can post it to Sarawak?

    1. Green Daun says

      Hello Malar, thank you for the comment and please contact us via whatsapp and put your name (Get the contact number from the ‘Contact Us Page’. We will follow up from there.

      Thank you,
      Green Daun

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