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Malaysia SEO Classes

SEO classes in Malaysia are something important if you are doing or planning to do an online business, blog or small business. One of the the main reason for this is for people to find you online.

In Malaysia, the SEO classes are not easy to find, and if you do find them, they are usually quite pricey and very complicated. This is very important nowadays as almost everyone uses Google to search for something.

For this class, we conduct a very simple and lay-man friendly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) class which is suitable for just about anyone out there. This applies to anyone from any age.

Even if you do not have any knowledge in this field, we have a class for understanding this term. In general, being in the first page of Google or Yahoo is what most small businesses want, to be featured naturally in the first page of the search results.

SEO Classes in Malaysia

Generally, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is one of the main key factors that will help get your website or blog ranked in the search engine results page or SERP in short form.

This in turn will bring in business via online consumers and currently, the trend of online users in Malaysia and around the world has grown to an incredible amount. Therefore, you should be in the game now and capitalize on this for your business.

Our SEO Classes in Malaysia are also conducted by multiple award winning online writer and social media influencer David Hogan Jr who has been studying SEO since the late 90’s and is still writing online for clients and also the lead SEO for Green Daun.

The SEO classes in PJ are conducted at the Green Daun Boutique Craft Shop and each class is a personal class or limited to two or three persons maximum. This is because the focus of teaching is controlled by me, where it is a personal tutor versus sitting in a class of ten or more people.

What you will learn is the basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short where in the long run, you will understand how to implement this into your blog or website to rank better in search engine results.

And in the end, getting consumers to visit your site or blog and converting into business. For more information, you can refer to Wikipedia’s explanation on What is SEO.

SEO in Malaysia
How important SEO is for any online business

What is SEO?

For those who do not know, Search Engine Journal has a breakdown of what SEO is all about. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is used by specialist to make sure that the website or blog appears on the 1st page of the search result.

Meaning, when you do a search on, you will key in a word, and the results displayed is what you are looking for. So, by understanding SEO and implementing the correct practices, you can organically have your blog or website in the first page of the results, which equals business leads to you.

Example, if you are selling fresh flowers in Bangi, you would want your keyword to be ‘Fresh Flowers in Bangi’ and once you successfully practiced all the rules, your article or blog page would be rewarded and moved up the

And all of this is possible by taking our unique SEO class in Malaysia to improve your search presence on the internet. The common misconception is many people think by having a website, automatically people will find you. Well, the honest truth is that if you pay for a cheap website, you will not have any SEO in that.

Another example is if you have a company name of JJ Wedding Photographers with a website of, people will not be able to find you on search and the only way people will see your website is if they know and search for your name – JJ Wedding Photos.

General consumers would search for ‘Wedding Photographers in PJ” or Wedding Photographers in KL”, or even ‘Good and Cheap Wedding Photographers”. This will result in other websites that use SEO to target those keywords, leaving you lost in the internet.

Malaysia SEO
Examples of how SEO can improve your business in search placements.

SEO Courses in Malaysia

There are many companies or SEO Gurus in Malaysia offering courses and classes but I have personally attended a number of them to see how it is done, and the sad truth is disappointing.

Most ‘Free SEO Seminar’ or ‘Free Internet Marketing’ courses are constructed to get people to attend them. They tell you how you can be in page one of search engines and so on, but you need to sign up for the course which is priced by the thousands of Ringgit.

In most cases, they tell you that if you sign up today, you will be entitled to take the course at a special discount and so on. Well, there are many out there who fall for this, but the reality is that they are capitalizing on this consumer weakness because not may are doing this field of work.

Who Should Attend SEO Classes? 

If you are a small online business that depends on online customers, then this is suitable for you. In general, anyone can learn SEO for knowledge, their blog or for any business. Below is a list of who should attend SEO classes in Malaysia;

1. Small Online Business

Generally, if you plan to start a small online business from home or even at a shop, then you will need to know the basics of SEO. This will help you understand and reach out to your target market for conversion.

It does not matter what you want to sell as it can be instant noodles, jewellery, dream catchers, hand made soap or anything in general.

SEO applies to anything that can be searched on the internet so even if you want to sell very niche items, you must use SEO and some basic internet marketing to reach your customers online. 

Big online businesses usually engage a SEO Company to manage their website and so on. By big, we are talking about companies like Tesco, Nikon and so on. 

2. Bloggers

This is suitable for the business bloggers or even casual bloggers in Malaysia. SEO will help your blog articles get indexed and pushed to the first page over time. As a travel blogger for Malaysia Asia, I am a specialist in SEO and a lot of my articles are found on page one of search engines for various tourism and travel topics. 

You can blog about anything in general, but only your followers or readers will find your blog postings. That is if they subscribe to your blog. Otherwise, I have seen many bloggers posting their blog postings over and over on social media for their friends to visit their blog. This is called social begging.

What you want is for people to search a term on Google and find your article in the top search results. From there, they will visit your blog and read your postings. However, if you do it wrongly, you may never even see your listing in the first page.

3. YouTube or Vloggers

If you have a niche on doing videos, you should know that even on YouTube, SEO is highly important so that your videos will rank in the top search when people are looking for certain videos.

This is a special area where you should know how to SEO for your YouTube videos and I provide a basic class for this. For your added knowledge, YouTube is the second most search platform after Google.

4. Social Media Enthusiast

There are unique ways for your business to get prominence on social media platforms. This is where you can target the social media users, and is usually combined with your website or blog.  Special SEO for social media is practiced for this.

The importance of social media nowadays is paramount as if you are not on it, you will lose out to a very large group of potential customers. At my class, I will also combine the basics of how to utilize social media along with your SEO, to fully target potential customers.

Search Engine Class in Malaysia
Not exactly like a classroom, but more relaxed.

How Much Is An SEO Class In Malaysia?

The SEO classes in Malaysia conducted by Green Daun is straight forward and no nonsense. We charge an affordable price which starts at RM 300.00 per person and the class is four to five hours long.

The reason for this is that we can take our time and explain the basics or SEO before proceeding further. If you think you need to split the class into two sessions, this can also be arranged.

How Many Participants Per Class?

We are comfortable to guide up to three persons at one time. This means, if there are two or three friends or colleagues who want to learn the basics of SEO, we will do a class for that group. We do not mix you with other participants.

Usually, we conduct a one-to-one private class as the focus is much better and the person is more comfortable. We are not those online centers that organise seminars for 30 to 40 people.

Where are the SEO Classes in Malaysia Conducted?

SEO Classes in Malaysia is conducted at our boutique craft shop called Green Daun in Damansara Perdana, where we have high speed broadband for live demonstrations during the class.

This is because we operate a small boutique business and also teach other classes for writing, social media, craft making and so on. There is also no pressure as you can be as young as a student or even a retiree. Classes can also be taught in multiple languages – English, Malay and Mandarin.

You could be in Page One of Search Results which will generate business for you.

Types of SEO Classes Offered in Malaysia

The types of SEO classes we conduct are;

  • SEO Beginner Class I – An introduction to what is SEO and hands on experience to understanding the search engine world. We teach you how a search engine works and how consumers use the search engines to find information for just about anything. Duration: 3-4 Hours.
  • SEO Beginner Class II – The next level for those who have basic knowledge on what is SEO. In this class, we teach you how to use keywords that reflect on your business. Also taught in this class is how to use Social Media for your SEO practices. You will also learn how to start a website or blog with the correct SEO practices. For those with existing websites or blogs, we will guide you on how to re-structure them. Don’t worry, it sounds complicated, but it is not. Duration: 4-5 Hours.
  • SEO Intermediate Class – For those who have some knowledge on SEO and want to fully understand the entry levels, the pros and cons and also tactics used to get better page result rankings. Class also includes lessons on how to write for organic SEO results and also Social Media SEO for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Duration: 4-5 Hours.

We do have advanced SEO classes in Malaysia but for now, our focus is purely on the start up business owners or small companies that need the basic SEO Coaching.

Our classes also focuses on White Hat SEO, which is a clean version of SEO. This means, good practice is used, instead of dirty and bad practice, which can lead your blog or website to be penalized by Google and other search engines.

All this while, many have misused this by taking advantage of consumers and laymen as most people do not understand this confusing term. It sounds complicated, but when you have a brief understanding, it no longer is confusing.

If you need more information about SEO classes in Malaysia, just contact us anytime as we are always ready to assist you in bringing your business to the next level in the digital world.

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