Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia


Malaysia Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery

If you are looking for Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia, you have come to the right place as Green Daun Craft Shop carries a variety of these accessories that is slowly making news in Malaysia. This new product has been around for a few years and hugely popular in the US and Europe but as Malaysian trends tend to pick up late, the product is still considered very new here. If you have seen some of these being sold, you would have noticed the high price of these unique accessories being sold at bazaars or even at shops.

At Green Daun Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya, we sell ready made essential oil diffuser bracelets and necklaces as we have been making the essential oil diffuser jewellery since 2014. Till today (October 2016), many Malaysian still do not know much about this unique lifestyle trend and some are only getting into this. Since 2015, Green Daun has been conducting private workshops for essential oil diffuser jewellery making classes here in Malaysia and is still doing this at our shop now.

Malaysia Diffuser Pendants
Some of the caged diffuser pendants at our shop

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia

Today, you can just walk into our craft shop to see our essential oil diffuser jewellery collection which are all hand made by us. They are available in bracelets, necklaces, earrings or even pendants or lockets which can be customized. Our prices are very reasonable compared to what you have seen being sold at bazaars or even shops in Malaysia as he have items priced from RM10 and above.

As for the essential oils, we have some types that you can test here at our shop. We are not stockiest for essential oils in Malaysia but due to the fact that we sell the diffuser jewellery, we have a few varieties in our shop.

Malaysia Essential Oil Diffuser Accessories
A selection of the Essential Oil Diffuser Accessories at Green Daun Craft Shop

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery Making Classes in Malaysia

You can also pick up the phone and call us for the next available essential oil diffuser jewellery making class in Malaysia. Our classes are strictly for one-to-one or a maximum of three persons which is done at our concept craft shop in PJ. Booking for the class can be done minimum one day in advance and each class is around two to three hours long and cost RM50.00 per person. In this class, we will share knowledge on the materials used to make the jewellery, the types of essential oil and basic jewellery making techniques.

How to get to Green Daun Craft Shop

Our shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya and if you use Google Maps or Waze, you can just key in “Green Daun Craft Shop” where either app will lead you to our shop. We are also about five minutes drive from IKEA PJ or The Curve Shopping Mall. Our craft shop is at the ground floor of the Perdana Exclusive Condominium and behind the Splendid Laundry. For more information, photos or directions, you can also see how to go to Green Daun Craft Shop.

Malaysia Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace
One of our custom made essential oil diffuser necklaces at our shop

Where To Buy Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia

While many may search for the word Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia, this is the common name that most Malaysians use and understand from essential oils, but the more international word that many Americans or Europeans would use is Essential Oil Diffuser. Notice the English and American spelling for the word jewellery too and the both mean the same thing.

To see some of our hand made diffuser jewellery, just drop by our shop. The photos here are just one or two of our designs and have many more in the shop. ext time when you meet someone who talks about this or introduces essential oil diffuser jewellery in Malaysia, you may have probably read this article or you may even do a search on Google or Yahoo for this and find this article. We hope that the information here will be of help to you and if you need more information, please contact us anytime.

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